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VakayamaTyres - arya azadeh portfolio


  • Client

    IDesign Studio

  • Category


  • Start Date

    March, 2021

  • End Date

    May, 2021

  • Tools

    Laravel, PHP


Description The Vakayama Tyres website has been developed using the Laravel framework.


  1. 3D Product Models: Vakayama Tyres uses 3D models to showcase their products.
  2. Catalog: Users can browse for their desired products in the Vakayama Tyres catalog.
  3. Comprehensive Product Details Page: Each product has a detailed page providing more information about it.
  4. Challenge: The biggest challenge in this project was adding new sections to the website. Vakayama Tyres stands out with its 3D models compared to competitors.

For more information, you can visit the Vakayama Tyres website. 🚗🔧